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Professional basketball player Boki Nachbar and his co-host Anze Tomic talk with guests about various topics: science, technology, history, current events, social & cultural issues...and sometimes even sports!

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    #011 Martin Koban

    In this epizode Boki and Anže spoke with German author and independant researcher in the field of knee injuries, Martin Koban. Martin's webpage has more than 50.000 monthly readers and more than 2.5 million people (mostly professional and amateur athletes) have used his material to find a way to feel pain free. Martin focuses on “patellar tendinitis” or “jumpers knee" injury, which is avery common injury in sports such as basketball, voleyball, soccer, tennis... If you ever had discomfort in your knee or you are struggling to find a solution to your patellar tendinitis problems, this might be the episode worth checking out.

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    #010 J.J. Redick

    J.J. Redick is a sharpshooter that currently plays for LA Clippers. He is the first active NBA player with his own podcast, giving you unique insight in the life of NBA players. He talks to Boki and Anže about his adjustments to NBA game, his career, importance of player development and upcoming NBA playoffs. He also talks about one particular NBA rule that he would like to change. He confirms and explains why Steve Ballmer is one cool NBA owner.

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    #009 Wim Hof

    “Iceman “ Wim Hof is a Dutch daredevil who holds over 20 records in Guinnes book of records. He has unique ability to withstand extreme cold. Trough his exercises, workouts and breathing techniques he has achieved many exceptional and unique performances, such as sitting nearly 2 hours in ice, swimming under ice for almost 70m, running marathon above the Arctic circle, climbing highest mountains only in shorts… Wim is also able to control his autonomic nervous system, which he proved with many scientific tests. Many of these achievements may seem “superhuman”, but Wim insists: "What I can do, everyone can!” He talked to Boki and Anže about his life, his methods and described a feeling of hanging on one finger at an altitude of 2000m!

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    #008 Lukas Müler

    Lukas Müler is german adventurer, freediver and biologist. As a member of "Watermen Project" he has a very unique job - he is exploring one of the world's most dangerous and fascinating animals - sharks, by swimming with them in the open water. What kind of animals are sharks, what makes them (not) dangerous and why are they an endangered species? He explains it all and is trying to minimize Boki's shark phobia, while Anže quietly laughs...

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    #007 Dan Carlin

    Dan Carlin is American political commentator and amateur historian. He is a host of two extremely popular independent podcasts: historical podcast Hardcore Historyand political show called Common Sense. As an ex-radio host he explains his transition from radio to podcasting and describes his passion for history. He admits that latest episodes about WWI were difficult to put together, but those who listened will agree that they came out as masterpiece. He talks about what history can teach us and comments on the lack of quality historical shows on today’s TV channels. Dan is not a Wikipedia fan.

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    #006 Dr. Matt Taylor

    Matt Taylor is a British astrophysicist and one of the main scientists at ESA’s Rosetta mission, which included landing a spacecraft on a comet. He explained how much planning and hard work is involved in this historic mission and described what can we expect in the future. He also admitted that he has an addiction - getting tattooed and at the end he gave his thought on what is important on a person. It was a true learning hour for Boki and Anze.

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    #005 Angelo Vermeulen

    Angelo Vermeulen is Belgian visual artist, whose work crosses over to biology and technology. As a leader of many successful international projects, which are connected to space travel, he spent four months on the flanks of the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii, where he was crew commander of a four-month Mars simulation mission. He talked about his work and his experiences and also explained which space missions are realistic and which are not. When he told Boki and Anže what could future spaceships use as radiation shield, they were left speechless.

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    #004 Daniele Bolelli

    Daniele Bolelli is italian-born writer, university professor and podcaster. He is author of several books including “Create Your Own Religion”. With Boki and Anze he talked about his life in the USA, his career and appreciation for Conan the Barbarian and Bruce Lee. He explained his view on religion and opened up about his adjustment to a big tragedy that happened in his life.

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    #003 Cara Santa Maria

    Cara Santa Maria is american science communicator, podcaster and TV personality. Although she was raised as a mormon, she became an atheist who really loves science. She talked with Boki and Anže about her passion, religion, ebola and GMOs. Check ut her podcast “Talk Nerdy”!

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    #002 Ertan Balaban

    Ertan Balaban has dedicated his life to different kinds of martial arts - he used to fight in the ring and now he is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor in Istanbul. He and Boki tried to explain the point of martial arts to Anže. Anže remains a skeptic.

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